I am an artist who is passionate about living life using all my senses. Art is my sacred
play. It is a way my soul grows. I delight in pushing the boundaries of awareness into the
multidimensional aspect of being. I open myself to the unity of self and spirit allowing the
divine creative energy to move through me onto my canvas. My paintings are
expressions of this blissful state. I believe that the “soulution” to some of the problems in
our world today will come from the unity of love, and creativity, from those who are open
to expanding beyond their present state of thinking. It is my belief that by practicing the
art of love and creativity we prepare ourselves for a greater possibility of abundance
instead of scarcity in the world of the future.

It is my hope that my art will stimulate the imagination of those who view it, so they too
can experience the beauty of being alive in this moment.
Carole Burdick's Toward The Light

In Unity with the Internal Prismatic Light that we each carry within our Hearts, we find the Portals to Transcendence.

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Carole Burdick's Portal To The Creation of Dreams

Lets take a journey beyond what we think we know, into a world where Love creates and anything is possible.

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May Day

is an expression of the feeling of the moment where the Soul breaths through an open heart, into the flow of life in creation.

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Carole Burdick's Mystic Dance

Come Dance in the vapors of the breath of the Universe with me and feel the ever expanding reach of creation.

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Amazing Impact of guidance by Rassouli
Video: Amazing Impact of guidance by Rassouli 
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Carole Burdick, Fusionartist
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Studio 760 365 6256
Also visit: fusionartinternational.com

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"Carole Burdick is a divinely gift to
humanity whose paintings flow from a
deep Source as they unfold before our

Each time I see one of her new creations,
I tremble in its presence, feeling its
quivering energy within me. The
playfulness of her brushwork contributes
to a lightness of being, moving the artist
or viewer or lover beyond the limitations
and boundaries of the mind, outside the
dimension of wanting to recognize what
is happening on the canvas.

Carole’s paintings, usually seem to be
preparing the way for the blessed coming
of the Beloved, opening the portals,
allowing for something new to happen in
the sacred encounter anointed by the
light rays of innocence, an inner purity, a
flowing virgin spring touched by love.
Her canvases awaken us to our divine
nature emerging as the light and beauty
of spirit. "

Amazing Impact of guidance by Rassouli
Video: Amazing Impact of guidance by Rassouli 
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